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Te rog, așteaptă...

first i’ll do some sh-t to you and then you’ll lose your sh-t at me
and then ill run into my room and barricade myself within
and i will only emerge from my insecure prison
when you stop pounding on my door cause you don’t want to break it in
cause you care more about;
your property; and authority
than you care about your progeny
that motherf-cker proceeded to accost me;
motherf-cker don’t you f-cking cross me
uppercut then crossed me
1, 2 popped me
f-cking dropped me

verse #1:
tick-tock on the clock;
waiting on the doc
waiting on the op, (operation)
i’m sobbing, then i stop
you’re sobbing
not for what, you did to me
but for what this might do to you;

once again
the roles reversed
you plead and beg
and mercy says
i tripped and fell
into your h-ll
and for me at least
in this moment, i exist
in this moment i resist
i let go of the hate i felt
i think i’m going to die
welcome my demise
the love i feel was dissonant but here it feels comprised

sirens in the distance
and compression’s on my chest
i can hear my fear repress;
as they re-press against my chest;
now im breathing they can rest;
barley heaving
heart now beating i digress;
to the ambulance;
no officer, i don’t wanna talk;
i tripped and fell
into this h-ll
i tripped and thst is all

he looked at me distressed;
he looked at you with vex
you looked at me, with eyes of love;
or at least that was my guess

it’s just another hospitable hospital run
but at least the paramedic cares if i’ll survive this one
and even though; i know, your concern is orchestrated;
at least i can pretend
its not innate for you to subdjugate

skin deep, shallow blows, over-time my bodies hollowed

stop trying to;
break me in, cause i’ll break within, (x2)
i wanna f-cking die
just let me f-cking die
living is to painful
why the f-ck am i alive

verse #2:
even though my wounds have healed
my scars still hurt the same
take a tattoo gun to my sheath;
paint art, in ink ill bathe

with my weapons i will reckon
i wash away the sin
i shed my shield
i shed my skin
i release what is within

there’s a darkness within
and this darkness has slowly been reversing your sins
new beginnings;

the walls of your prison are failing
the chains that bind me are beginning to corrode
the ground erode
there’s a light reforming in the depths of my soul
i’m no longer pitiful
my senior is subliminal

did this song trip you?
like you tripped me?
ain’t that pretty trippy;
yeah; now im really lippy
but what you gonna do?
try k!ll me like i k!lled the memory of you

and i lied
i think about dying everyday single day;
and you lied too…
yeah; you been lying to my face
it’s all you’ve ever done, it’s all you’ll ever do
the correct pr-nunciation is i hate you…
not i love you too

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