versuri 02:56 am / i dont want this feeling to stop - everything is recorded

Te rog, așteaptă...

(i don’t want this feeling to stop, yeah i like it)
(i don’t want this feeling to stop, yeah i like it)

lock me inside it so i can revive
sipping from the potion i mixed up tonight
the future inside me look into my eyes
everyday i got to keep it on the prize
readin’ this, reading’ this from my palms feelin’ i was going up
blowing charms the way that i’m rollin up lighting sparks
stars got my skies lit from the dark

i don’t need a stylist for tonight
i’m back with the antics moving wild
yesterday was practice now i’m charged
i was with the bandits and the hype
every other night out with the tribe
the way that we crash land no flight
night out with the vibes
the way that we crash land, no fights

(i don’t want this feeling to stop)
i don’t, i don’t
(yeah i like it)
yeah, i do!
(i don’t want this feeling to stop)
never, no way, let’s go, let’s go!

turn it turn it turn it up i ain’t even had enough
still calling shots oh what a feeling
but this feeling never need to stop
level up
always wanna put the stop on my buzz
the money keep tripping up nearly four
i’m doing this overseas and ashore
that’s why i’m moving hard
give me too much right from the start
making more enemies by the night don’t mix your energies with my style
touch that and reverse i swear this whole day was a flash
you making it all numb in my heart
i think i should back up and restart

i’m feeling
(stagger stagger stagger)
run it one more time
(i don’t want this feeling to stop, yeah i like it)
(i don’t want this feeling to stop)
go in, go in, go in
(yeah i like it)
you like it
go off, huh
i’ma leave you guys here

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