wish you was down - esham

Te rog, așteaptă...

one time, i’m fina blow ya mind, i’m fina flow
i’m the unholy a.k.a. esham if ya don’t know
like to rub and dub when i’m in the club
let your girl do me while i’m maxin’ in the tub
suckas try to diss, they can’t go like this
wishing they were down with reel life products, but they wish

i get ill, i might kill
another sucker mc just for a thrill
my name is esham i got nothin’ to prove

pay attention my intention is to bust a move
i might smoke a little cheeba, but some call it reefer
give me r-e-s-p-e-c-t, but name ain’t aretha
i like to get loose, i’m the mc with the true

i came to give the party that extra boost
party people in the place listen to my b-ss

like my man flavor flav said it’s the b-ss for your face
the real, not phoney, i loves the tenderoni
but just because i mack i gotta be a macaroni
yes yes y’all, and ya don’t quit

esham rocks the house with the funky sh-t
it goes
wish you was down with reel life products
ain’t that right bro?

suckas getting jealous, j-e-a-l-o-u-s
but i’ll knock your -ss out like my man joe louis
i’m never fakin’ t-tles i’m takin’

money i’m makin’ and hearts i’m breakin’
u-n-h-o-l-y’s here to rock your bell
and if you disagree then you can go to h-ll

i’m almost through so i’ma blaze my true
but d-mn i gotta stop to check my mic 1, 2
i’m cool like the snow and i’m good to go
it’s your man esham on the radio show

with another funky fresh reel life sound
all the n-gg-z that be talkin’ that sh-t just wish they was down


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