guilty demeanor - epica

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guilty demeanor

whenever stories are prescribed
that we could never obelise
then how could anyone supply a doubt

i take you at your word

but the tale could have a flaw
and if you find yourself in awe
then you’ll only hunger for the truth

veritas numquam vincitur ipsa
ne qua dic-ntur imprudenter credas

when i’m crucified, taunted and denied
i’ll stand strong, with my back against the wall

at times it seems so very hard
all that we learned we must discard
that everyone you’d ever trust has lied

when i’m crucified, haunted and defied
i belong to the few that died for all

you cannot question or defy
or you’ll find out the hard way why
you’d better run before you walk alone

veritas numquam vicitur ipsa
ne quae dic-ntur imprudenter credas
sed tua teneas

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