versuri bare bones on a blue sky - employed to serve

Te rog, așteaptă...

skeleton contorted by wind that shapes me
skin hardened by the bitter kiss of winter
light shines through the bare bones of yesterday
and i know there’s hope for tomorrow

lights are on, cold caress of a new day in my lungs
trees stand like bones across the blue sky
this is all i ever wanted, as it turns out this is all i’ll ever need

i ache, pins and needles
won’t stop, days slip by
but the promise of tomorrow keeps me breathless

trudging through my clouded mind
worthless to the thoughts in my head
ice filled lashes
cold burned faces
pale wrists
i know there’s beauty in this
but i can’t see it in the dark
these nights are too long
dry skin breaks as i clench my fists

the trees are baron
just like the days going by
the shadows shrink as the light grows stronger

those lonely nights staring into the abyss
something keeps me from slipping
three words in my head…
open your eyes

- versuri employed to serve

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