rift - embracing

Te rog, așteaptă...

i’ve made a tough decision
we must make sure that mankind will survive
they’ ve taken everything, but this sacred promise
though this might be the last day for me with you
i have to make you sleep and dream of someone else
seal your past, so you won’t be able to tell them

i open a rift into the unknown
and take a silent walk, through time
where ends this colorful journey
will i ever see the curtain fall

the dream is strongar than ever
there is unchained magic in the air
it’s right before me on a transparant plane
juggling with a liquid substance
is it a final test i have to break through
which way am i supposed to chose

suddenly i’m able to hear my own steps
but still unable to sort out what’s far and what’s near
and when the unseen walls i p-ss becomes concrete
is it all in vain, am i about to spend my time with time

i made a tough decision a long time ago
after i realized we were falling apart
though it was the last day for me with you
i made you sleep and dream of someone else
it’s blocking out the truth, buried deep in you

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