un sentiment i was dying once again - elysian fields

Te rog, așteaptă...

worthless, mourns, infinity divine
through the pale sunrise,
macabre souls, sour again
it is strange when i kiss the eyes of salvation
the night becomes mine. the queen…
as your wings were closing
i was dying once again
you will soon become one with me
i have felt the wrath, now, the sadness i provoke
beyond the dream of mortals, beyond my sky of sorrow
i have been in darkness
i was not alone
blood was dripping from my soul
false feelings, lies of my world
when the horizons will be
then far away to reach
i’ll be there to cover all the misery
the sweetness; the thoughts and my dream
in the sight of love my precious
the innocence, the awareness
even a shade can be hurt
even a shade can feel the pain
devoted till i last
a story so tragic
weakness and rapture
i fade can you see me
i’m lying (there) forgotten
take my hand
forever and ever
of, the beauty in your eyes
the p-ssion; under a glorious moon
black heart; i wither

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