earth's lullaby - ella blame

Te rog, așteaptă...

it was way back in time
when an old lady told me
the story of earth’s lullaby.
a very sad story but nonetheless full of hope.

mother earth was really tired and weak.
she was wounded all over,
her wounds covered her surface
like cancerous ulcer.

“what can i do?”,
earth asked herself.
this was the only question she put up,
again and again.

and she became tired and always more tired.

thousands of years went by.
earth said to herself:
“i will sing myself a lullaby.
who else would do it for me?
i just want to sleep long,
very long, forever.”

humans weren’t tired,
and they were many enough
to continue destroying earth.

but one day, it happened:
earth sang her own lullaby.
there was rushing, roaring,
sizzling and thunder.
earth’s voice trembled,
and the highest tones
became great fires.

earth sang her lullaby
for a long, a very long time.
and when earth finally slept,
there was absolute silence.

only a few microorganisms had survived.

it took billions of years
until earth woke up.
she felt relaxed and
relieved from a big load.
somewhat distrustful, she looked around,
watched the bustle of the tiny
that would, how she knew,
develop very slowly
into the creatures
that had tortured her a long time ago.

these tiny organisms are my ancestors,
and the story of earth’s lullaby
can be heard by all of us.

the story of earth’s lullaby
shall be a warning for all creatures.

- versuri ella blame

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