dragons of the north - einherjer

Te rog, așteaptă...

as blood for wolves for riches and l-st
onward with hammers to chest
villages burn, burn citys to dust
and for fun they torture the rest

cold blue steel through a nice lady’s breast
an avalanche of heathens set sail
to show to the world of which men is best
to conquer where others would fail

odin is working to eagerly form
a great heathen fist from the north
pray for your life when there’s signs of a storm
but praying won’t help when the dragons come forth

roaming the bow, the berzerkers, the fierce
they know not fear or pain
women and children are swimming in tears
while the berzerkers are going insane

scholared embodied by blood on the mound
the clink of sword sound death chord
bearsloughs and wolfsloughs are shaking the ground
embraced by might the great northern horde

odin, great warlord i greet you with hail
this new god is weaker of cl-ss
grant me thy power, your secrets unveil
and i’ll kick this christ right in the -ss

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