versuri three thirty - eighty ninety

Te rog, așteaptă...

if i’m downtown it’s probably half past three,
thinkin’ about if you think about me
if you’re with someone who you met
if you ever did kick them cigarettes
when i’m a little drunk, i get out of line
and i’m hopin’ that things get better in time
if you wanted to, you could change your mind

if i could, go back to the foot of your bed
well i would, memorize every word that you said
and i, really notice the weight of your head
feelin’ it, rise and fall with every breath
and we would, go out and from my car
we would, try to point to your favorite star
and we could, take for granted just how lucky we are again

and now that, every fire, well it starts with a spark
and we’d go, skinny dippin’ in the pool after dark
and we would, go get drunk stumble out of that bar you love
and i would, try to tell you mean so much
but find that, sayin’ love it ain’t never enough
god d-mn, i got going just as soon as the going got tough

’cause i need you now like i needed you then
just kidding myself when i try to forget
didn’t you swear to tell the truth?
didn’t you say you loved me too?
i know everything changes, people move on
you’ve got to be brave and you got to be strong
didn’t you say that’s what i want?
didn’t you say you loved me ’cause well,

- versuri eighty ninety

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