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40 - slummin' - e

Te rog, așteaptă...


showin up, showin out, makin my presence known (known)
roll it up, smokin out, in a perfect f-ckin zone (zone)
fast lane and they slummin, you can hear this hustler comin (comin)
’round the block with h-lla knock (knock) cuttin up stuntin (stuntin)
lil’ stinger out the sunroof (sunroof) throw it up not loose (loose)
ready to catch a fade, ready to put up my f-ckin deuce
ready to squeeze a n-gg- neck (neck) like this bottle of grey goose (goose)
i ain’t never cashed a check (check) just street n-gg- loot (loot)
mannishness, foolery, rockin h-lla jewelry (jewelry)
local superstar (star) you oughta see my car (car)
out of sight, up to par (par) came a long way hecka far (far)
and i owe it to my triple beam and my pickle jar (beitch!)
there’s mackin in my dna, make a b-tch pay what she weight
e’ry day a holiday, born and raised up in the yay
polished young brother; never been a sucker
a sharp hustler, flyer than a crop duster (beitch!)

[chorus: repeat 2x]
we out here grittin ’bout cooter, it’s like a holiday
standin out on the steps, where my momma stay
walkin right up to the cars, keep it comin (keep it comin)
we out here slummin! (we out here slummin!)

trappin and checkin my traps (traps) collectin and countin my racks (racks)
settin and shootin cr-ps (cr-ps) totin and packin gats (gats)
in the party double fisted (fisted) at the bar gettin h-lla twisted
see that b-tch right there? that’s the homey b-tch
but he don’t know i’m hittin it (hittin it)
little gutter chick (gutter chick)
cain’t get enough of it (‘nough of it)
strung out on my d-ck (on my d-ck) she like to spit on it (spit on it)
act cl-ssy but really a freak nasty
she like for me to nut on her cavity
it’s game involved (game involved) i’m a d-mn fool
i’m the n-gg- a fixture, my n-gg- i’m the dude! (i’m the dude!)
i never been a big tipper, i can be h-lla rude! (h-lla rude!)
only thing i tip is my liquor and my food (is my food)
boss status (boss status) smokin cabbage (smokin cabbage)
living lavish (living lavish) extra mannish (extra mannish)
profit flippin (profit flippin) flippin profit (flippin profit)
louis sippin (louis sippin) hu$tleholic$!


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