versuri 0000/3663 - dxrkskies

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse i]
my attention span lost interest
i’m burning these bridges like incense
keep your two cents instant, you should bin them it’s intense not pretend
why you always tryna start sh-t
you don’t know where man’s started
came from a home so heartless, sorry if i’m actually guarded, mind of an artist

[verse ii]
i see all the fear in your eyes
just wait till it’s dark and the snakes in the grass at night
you barking bare but do you bite
hype online get off the site, your caps is locked but do you fight?

[verse iii]
every enemy sapping my energy
in loving memory
you ain’t sh-t
sitting in silence would make me sick
sending me back to foundations
changing my state of vibration, wrecking my own reputation
i see myself inside all my frustrations

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