versuri 0797 (frank ocean) - dxbkache

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[verse 1: dxbkache]
i never see my son
she rather drama for fun
she got a tab on her tongue
coolin’ in stu’ with numb
up with q, we in the coupe
look at that bih, she kinda cute
shawty eat me up for breakfast
then she ask another question
i don’t notice, she got lotion
gettin’ high, we play frank ocean

[hook: dxbkache]
frank ocean
frank ocean

[verse 2: miq the burb boy]
pla-playin’ frank ocean while i’m f-ckin’ on your b-tch
she say i’m a animal in the sheets like i’m stitch
lil shawty callin’ on my phone like “what’s the sitch?”
i say “let’s go make a bag and get real boujee like we rich!” (ou)
big fish, big, big fish on my dish
need some lemon, tartar sauce, that’s delish (that’s delish!)
i ain’t stressed, sh-t i’m never stressed
when it comes to the test b-tch i motherf-ckin’ flex
charged like a tesla, high like a sesna (high, high)
i call her puta, she call me papi
suckin’ it sloppy like a prostituta
aye, like a prostituta
lil puta, puta

[hook: dxbkache]
frank ocean
frank ocean
frank ocean
frank ocean
frank ocean (07, 97)
frank ocean (07, 97)
frank ocean (07, 97)
frank ocean (07, 97)

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