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a little favour (gq freestyle) - drake

Te rog, așteaptă...

a little favour (gq freestyle)

diamonds hang around my neck, the crib is all finished
no love for these b-tches i said this year it’s all business
it is a shame that a couple of ‘em are off limits
no offence to my n-gg-, it’s just the industry is small
we all l-st for the same women
you know the ones we saw before we came in it
i know he ain’t trippin’
i know i got a couple things that lil’ wayne dipped in
ain’t ashamed to admit it, i be the same with it
this sh-t is all about hits and misses
the ones that you f-ck and the ones that you wife up
don’t let them f-ck your life up
half a mill to perform, i can’t let them f-ck that sh-t up
plus i love the way my middle name looks when it’s lit up
jim moore got me dressing like a leading man
a little favour for a friend when i need a hand
young frank, suits cut right always
just got a couple warhol’s for my hallways
new verses crush the hood like i’m driving into something
b-tches on the kid like i’m iverson of something
like a sixer, since i sold 680 in my first
drizzy drake, the only one that got the gift without the curse

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