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tyrese interlude - dmx

Te rog, așteaptă...

tyrese interlude
(feat. tyrese)

y’knowmsayin? all you funny style new b-tches
y’all break out when the heat come down the pipe
y’knowmsayin? i f-ck with the real b-tches that’s there
when a n-gg-, y’knahmean, when i just need that phone call
when she can see it in my eyes like f-ck what i’m sayin
i’m f-cked up and she there, y’knowmsayin?
that’s – she got a n-gg- back, man
all that other sh-t, that’s that 2010 love
you b-tches is new b-tches, knahmean?
we, we talkin ’bout
we talkin ’bout the ones that really know what love is
like, f-ck the exterior
know a n-gg- heart, know the content of my heart
she got a n-gg- back, man

f-ck the new b-tches
we talkin ’bout the true b-tches

ah-hahahaha, ha ha ha, ha ha
yeah yeah, x said it
f-ck the new b-tches
talkin ’bout the true b-tches, knowmsayin?
you b-tches findin out how to love from readin essence magazine and sh-t
f-ck outta here, man
you ain’t gon’ find love in them pages
it’s actin

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