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that's my baby - dmx

Te rog, așteaptă...

that’s my baby
(feat. tyrese)

uh, uh, uh, uh, oww!
it’s like a walk in the park
she even f-ck with a n-gg- in the dark
she been f-ckin with a n-gg- from the start
cause she f-cked with a n-gg- from the heart
man, it don’t get no realer
see her f-ckin with another n-gg- i’ll kill her!
huh, that’s how much i feel her
it’s like i’m the fiend and she’s the dealer
but – that’s my baby
she’s the only one that, make me crazy
ain’t no maybes, never act shady
and at the end of the day she still my lady!

[chorus: tyrese]
say what you want, that’s my baby
only one that drives me crazy
end of the day she’s still my lady
she got my back, i got herrrrs [4x]

[dmx] bigger than words!

[dmx (tyrese)]
hey, hey! somethin special about her
and it ain’t even the p-ssy, i just can’t live without her
independent chick, yeah she work
strong, but if i do wrong, then yeah she hurt
hey! we all got feelings
what we feel is so real, it’s straight to the ceiling
after a long day of robbin and stealin
a n-gg- come home for some (s-xual healin)
yeah, that’s my boo
only she understand what i been through (ooh babe)
she got my heart, let it do what it do
said, “i love you baby!” i love you too (s-xual healin)

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[dmx] bigger than words!

say, say, say what you will
say what you want, say what you see

man, i went to school with her
since 14 i was fool with her
to see her bent over, i shot pool with her
b-tch was so bad didn’t know what to do with her
in the hood she was that chick
and i was that n-gg- who with that b-tch
and if i went and lost my life
i’d die knowin she was my wife
i’ll rest in peace

[chorus w/ ad libs]

[dmx] more than words!

[dmx and tyrese ad lib to the end]

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