warrior - disturbed

Te rog, așteaptă...


i am now an instrument of violence
i am a vessel of invincibility
i cannot leave this undecided
stepping down to battle another day
remember me for all time this
determination is a vital part of me
surrender now or be counted
with the endless m-sses that i will defeat

come on bring it, don’t sing it
better believe it
broken down, till your hope has died
beat down till the victory is mine
stand up and show me some pride
and now, are you ready?

i’m one with the warrior inside
my dominance can’t be denied
your entire world will turn
into a battlefield tonight
as i look upon you through
the warrior’s eyes now
i can see the fear that will
ensure my victory this time

i can’t be told to compromise this
they’ll never doubt the body lying at my feet
a most formidable reminder
they will speak my name for eternity
i have no need of any guidance
i am a weapon powerful beyond belief
seen through the warrior’s eyes
i never need to question how to defeat you



you can’t hide now
i am the warrior
so decide now
how they’ll remember you
do not hide now
act like a warrior
show your pride now
solidify your place in time


i’m one with the warrior inside
the evidence can’t be denied
the entire world will stare
into this battlefield tonight
as i stand before you
with a warrior’s heart now
i can feel the strength that will
ensure my victory this time

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