let the napalm rain - dismember

Te rog, așteaptă...

indoctrination since early youth
murder of the free thinking mind
religion the root of all evil
the source of all suffering

deeper and deeper into the void
across the wasteland of your mind
lying to live, living their lie
they make you betray your own kind

life of agony
you have chosen your way
self induced misery
you are led astray

the free will shall carry the day
drop the bomb and wash the filth away
let the napalm rain

step into the sickening light
into ruins of heavenly might
embide yourself in their moral vanity
sell your soul to insanity

religion is an excuse
for a lack of character
something to fall back on
when all else fails

islam, hindu, christianity
it’s all based on lies
there is no key to paradise
believe in yourself and all gods die

v. live for the fear (of pain)
music: d. blomqvist, r. senneb„ck, f. estby. lyrics: f. estby

born without dying empty
walk alone for a lifetime denied
the spark of life forever missing
a fear so vast it grows inside

soul bleeding never healing
at the end of the day my spirit leaving

of all i own handful of a
solid void what’s left to give
can’t get rid of all this guilt
blame myself for as long as i live

shadow of the former me
reach for surface can’t break free

blind, cold, bitter
from dreamfield to death
wasted life on living
suicidals see no reason for another breath

still forsaken hope all taken
keep on feeding the nightmares within
i see it clear still so tragic
against frustration no one wins

sinking deep into depression
suffering the weight of confession

upon the loss of a better fate
laid out before me all pure hate

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