indoctrination - dimmu borgir

Te rog, așteaptă...

oh, look at those lifeless leaves
all their precious pride is taken away
a lost creation for a graven image
trembling of nothing but their own fear

on behalf of water made to wine
elements of deception must entwine
righteous greed and derangement divine
vacuum is given to the blind

to surrender to a faith so fake
to not comprehend while you’re awake
thrive on your deity for heaven’s sake

do lose your battle before actual birth
for some sheep need the company of a shepard
to face the scorn of the earth

existential parasite drama across the lands
what a relief never bother the why’s
investing illusions and folding hands
the p-ssion for mankind’s ignorance feeding you lies

all those naked faces, empty sh-lls, procreation of the mind put to rest
crippled and caged, anaesthesia adjust, the lambs of slaughter preoccupied in disgust


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