all caugh up in love - diane schuur

Te rog, așteaptă...

all caught up in love
lost hopelessly lost caught up in love

in an empty painted room
in a window box for two
i spend the lonely days
hoping you’ll come back to stay

and thought the cloudy haze of smoke and romance
hope got in my eyes
love had played me
left and made me into nothing at all

’cause i got all caught up in love
i sold my heart all because
thought i never wanted too
love convinced me to change my att-tude
and i’m living only to say i’m lonely all because of you

this feeling is never ending
wanting for you, knowing it’s no use
my broken heart won’t be mending
long as you stay so far away
i’ll still be the same ’cause

so, a writer has his pen, a dog his master
actors have their lines
but i have nothing
left of something that i thought was all mine

’cause i got all caught up in love
and i sold my heart all because

oh baby

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