contempt - devilyn

Te rog, așteaptă...

lonely red cross
submerged in the scarlet darkness
by the base two naked bodies
kept without move, like statues
in pose full of perversion, silent, dead?

my children, my screams are getting silent
it horrible beauty of your end
sating my hate, it’s my food
cyclones of extreme feelings, destruction
will slowly lick up your fear

i’m looking on the scene beside the cross
pain is the past, time doesn’t exist,
immovable bodies before, are begining they dance
incomprehensible pose, hypnotic moves
i’m smiling, i see har-ssment of a corpse on the cross

to step back, to forget, to don’t think
it’s not a dream, not reality
hate and his desire – like a hunger
touch me and i’ll push you to the abyss
you are going to sink in the liquid river of lava

immoral, unethical, empty laugh
rises and sweeps over me
theatre of the naked truth shadows
immovable bodies, corpses
dead body’s love, awful perversion
red lonely cross, dead silence

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