tonyage - descendents

Te rog, așteaptă...

you beat up fearl’s b-ss player
you were all surfers last year
3 years ago it wasn’t cool
you spit on me, but i’m no one
eh, bobby pin had long hair
but you spit on darby crash
he had a f-cking mohawk man
3 years ago
forming in 1975
i’m a new waver
my girlfriend’s a surfer
i’m no more a trendy than you are
and she’s not going to f-ck you anyways
eh, it doesn’t matter, you all suck
you don’t know sh-t about punk rock
you’re just a bunch of drug addicts
screwing up what we call fun
i hate everything, that means you
i hate you more than i do
i got no time to sleep, time to get laid
i got a 2″ x 2″, but it doesn’t matter
fake hard core
you spit on urinals

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