versuri 0-100 freestyle - denace

Te rog, așteaptă...

[freestyle: denace]
move it quick
i predict your moves and it just proves
that you’re simple and you should quit
how many times do i gotta lose my cool and flip?
and turn everything upside down in a pool of sh-t
if you knew better, you would choose to sit
i grab my gun and remove the clip
put myself in the chamber and these fools get hit

you’re so fake you couldn’t tell the truth with truth serum
you serve a phoney like cartoons and hair extensions
i don’t care to mention names but i won’t give you rare attention
i’ve been broke half my life trying to make a dent in this game
and i barely scratch the surface, 15 years later and i’m still worthless
still nameless, still trying to find fame in this games -n-s
this whole game is filled with p-ssies and fake gangsta’s
i’m tired of this weak sh-t, sick of kids in mind that don’t mean sh-t
n0body has heart anymore when they speak sh-t
everybody’s music sounds like last weeks sh-t
but i’m here to sweep this cr-p up and have them eat sh-t
there’s a bunch of sewer water in the main stream
but the kids don’t see it
and the game seems like the real
and they wanna be it, they think the rappers are so murderous
and so dope on the block
when really they hide behind bodyguards that used to be cops
and that’s what sell so they show out and these company’s
flash money to the poor so they sold out, yeah that’s it

- versuri denace

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