eden in ruin - demonic

Te rog, așteaptă...

come, distortured heartless beasts that roam the sepulchre
my starving razor severs the leash to let loose my pack upon the flock of god

for centuries we’ve searched the earth
within full moons and forest hiding towards rebirth
and again we re-open pandora’s box
and flank the b-st-rd christ with mutiny and revolt
that wickedness and sin-flushed evil may reign in h-ll once more
then rising against oppression we tore away to silhouette the suns of dawn

however ‘midst a whirl of politics and warfare my ill-strious bride was taken
from the sanctuary of shadowy midnight, forest moor the demon lord wasmistaken
and he cursed aloud breaking the silence, a code our legions swear to
i ventured aloof, searching for proof and found her twisted broken shoe

following the beaten track he rode the high and wintry night
for king and kindred sin, to avenge and exacerbate their plight
high on the tails he drew a long sword
and with a flash of burnished lightning reinstated the casualties of war

“the clanging of steel it rapes mine ears
behold the dying courts men writing at my feet
their outstretched hands cling to a lifeless despair
a rancid stench of defiled rotting flesh infuses the air”

the winds begin to rent their wintry spite
the skies are darkened behind a pall of ageless storm clouds
weaker fauna scurry away to take shelter
and the battle fields are veiled in a thunderous icy shroud

desperation plagues me
translucent memories of grander pastimes
wherein tyranny would grace
with ardent p-ssions and sinful signs
alas, eden lies in ruin
in silence and desolation
abandoned by god to a strategic position

sodom cried for nights retreat
death arose sanct-ty, latent regrets unthought
drowning silk sheets in crimson death
for the morrow’s insights forget
she walked in the shadow of the rose
played out her will for every delight

“i am the dusk bringing my spite to all thy needs and all thou shalt see”

cast into temptation scorn an angel not content
further drawn to an ever tempering dawn
magnificence in her grace, n-bility faced
yet pains condemn her p-ssions constrained
tyranny bring thy dusk embracing night
fall into temptation with grace

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