nice to finally meet the grim reaper - demonic tombstones

Te rog, așteaptă...

lets say your walking,
(whisper) in the dark,
someone is stalking,
(whisper) your footsteps,

he has those
evil eyes,
that are full of blood,
don’t stare at it completely,
he will end your son,
you need to run,
don’t look back,

get ready for his attack,

it’s very, very
it’s very, very
nice to finally,

the grim reaper!,

i hear you kill
thousands everyday

you have no heart
and you showoff anyway

all aboard
to die in pain!,
it’s not so good,
for bl–dy rain,

he can the plague and it
will take your
eldest childs life!,

it’s very, very!
very, very!
nice to meet
the grim reaper

i like your axe
can you kill her!,
it’s very nice to
finally meet

it’s nice to finally meet
grim reaper!!!

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