haunted cerebellum - deceased

Te rog, așteaptă...

it crawled in his mind out of hate a parasite was born from
their fate
oozing its way into the brain of a symbol they once called god
to rip and to tear shatter and kill awful destruction is now

all their lives they believed the ward
and all their lives they believed in trust
and all their lives they believed in truth
but in death they will see the light

possessed and squirming insane a nervous blood runs through
his veins
paying the price destroying the lives of mankind who lives by
the lord
they ripped and they tore shattered and killed and the awful
has been fulfilled, has been fulfilled…

falling dead from the shock a tortured mind has come unlocked
spilling out the secrets hidden in the mind telling them the

future awaiting all mankind
a journey into visions psychedelic dreams futuristic terror
what eternity will bring
looking towards the heavens a gloomy evil sun staring at a
legend it is done and god is gone…

haunted cerebellum

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