cop shot - dead prez

Te rog, așteaptă...

– remake of bdp’s “black cop”

(sound of 41 gunshots)

pump pump pump
all malcolm x m-ssive
(revolution man hold tight soldier)
all rudeboy, hold tight

cop shot, cop shot, cop shot, cop shot
keep shooting my people,
we will shoot back
me bring the m-1
you bust the glock
on you like that
1-8-7 pon undercover cop
another dead pig
knocked straight off my block
cop shot, cop shot,
cop shot
black cop,
white cop,
all cop

every police is a punk -ss b-tch
this is for my n-gg-s in the streets
getting frisked
gun to your head
handcuffs on your wrists
everywhere we at
we gotta start to resist
black po’ people
get no justice
the courts, the judge,
and the jury is fixed
every ghetto you go,
sick of this sh-t
throw up your fist
if you sick of this sh-t

the only good cop is a dead cop
police brutality
must come to a stop
dem kill latinos
dem kill more black
luima in brooklyn,
diallo in the bronx
we spark rebellion,
watch them get rocked
self-defense is not a violent act
police murder
budget get cut back
guilliani send his troops to attack
they soon retreat
watch them run back

cop shot, cop shot, cop shot
cop shot, cop shot, cop shot

buck, buck, buck, buck, buck

these ghetto eyes of mine
ain’t blind no more
i’m getting ready
for guerilla war
’cause it’s coming
y2k computer glitch
start running,
’cause you the snitch
you can catch two in yo s-t
i’m not a sellout
let every n-gg- in a cell out
i don’t hate playas
i hate the mayors
and the police commissioners
governors and senators
turning my people
into junkies and prisoners
i rock
for the folks that’s locked
to break that lock
it feel good when
i hear jake got shot
we can take this block
if you really want it
call the people’s army
if you really on it
i seen enough sh-t
to turn your heart cold
life is like walking
barefoot on hot coals

here’s a government policy:
no justice,
no democracy
this a modern day slavery
fire pon all country (?)

cop shot, cop shot, cop shot, cop shot
black cop, white cop all cop

whoop! whoop!
that’s the sound of the beast
? dying in the street
lick a shot at?
no justice, no peace!

the real .to all my n-gg-s in the field
all rudebwoy, lick a shot! hold tight!

something real for your radio (____?)
we keep it raw for your video (ya can’t test it)
dp’s in your stereo
motherf-kers don’t hear me though

(woman’s voice “hooo” repeatedly)
buck, buck, buck buck!

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