versuri 02 uniqua - dball

Te rog, așteaptă...

if you give it to me
i will give you
you walk around fancy with gold on your shoe
you say b-tch who
i say girl you
you think you the greatest and it’s kinda true
you think i’m embarr-ssing
i’m not comparable
to your comparisons
you will just stare at me
i say well probably
we can still try to be
in a relationship that’s where i wanna be

just give me a chance and i’ll take it
i’ll make no mistake and so then
so then we get through it and build a relationship
we gonna do it so why do i doubt the fix
doubt what is possible
i really wanna know
when it is time to go
i got a dying soul
covered with flying crows
nice till i start to blow
telling these people to look out below
falling in sp-ce
that is distance
try not to preach
but i need a witness
mind it is running
stomach is turning
hold on to something this magical journey
got me like oh my god
hate that i try to dodge
it’s an annoying fall
sucks i’m not super tall
i’m hanging on the wall
it’s getting really small
pushing me off
till i fall in the deepest pond

this how i’m feeling
that’s how i’m living
a magical life
but it ain’t to thrilling

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