when ya least expect it - daz dillinger

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
motherf-cker, cha-pow here i am let’s get started off right
with a gun or a fight, think you hard
you a dog that don’t bite, see i’m trained to kill
give a f-ck about you hoes, spill ya blood for thrills
grip ya body, naked shakin’ we neck breakin’
n-gg-s in my hood be runnin’ while them n-gg-s salt shakin’
bone crush em’ and rush em’ and get out and then touch em’
doin’ better than the feds when they jackin’ my box
watch out, surrounded by n-gg-s that’s plottin’ and creepin’
lot of caps slippin’ and jack me for my chips
nah, get the twelve gauge and load a gob
blowin’ something in these n-gg-s if they actin’ calm
n-gg-s’ll blast, yellin’ out “f-ck y’all”
while they mashin’ steady blastin’
ain’t just here for nothin’ doin’ right for right
cause it’s right, sh-t n-gg-s gotta do to earn they stripes

can’t run, ya can’t hide
gon’ get cha’ when ya least expect it
ya gon’ diiiiiie, yeah, yeah
can’t run, ya can’t hide
gon’ get cha’ when ya least expect it
ya gon’ diiiiiie

[verse 2]
took about the same looty to perform my duty
survey this thing to a n-gg- that knew me
little did i know he was settin’ me up
wettin’ me up and catch me up
barely escapin’ heart beatin’ fast mile racin’
a shotty in h-ll, i thought i was dead
but i’m alive and payback is a mother you f-cker
i’ll be back carvin’ ruckers when the gauge start bustin’
penitentiary rap but we here and ain’t sh-t
n-gg- dyin’ quick and get ya throat split
comin’ out do worse, i love to do work
retaliation, revenge make it hard to live
shoot-outs cop, when ya jackin’ and robbin’ and mobbin’
stabbin’ on through the town, layin’ em’ down
i’m a war street veteran, never say i better than anybody
that n-gg- daz and young gotti
blast em’ with the shot after fleein’ the scene
cause money, power, and dreams make a h-ll of a scheme
grippin’ nine to ya brain, put the set on shade
writin’ big, bold letter that’ll weigh ya sign


[verse 3]
my dreams and nightmares hard before i went to sleep
so i stay awoke and c-cked with four five loaded
cautious on my toes at all times, on the grind
mindin’ my own, dropped and smoke in the zone
it’s a shame how we do it, how we represent the game
blast and maintain for the money and the fame
you know the steelo, n-gg- we know
we get down and dirty because we do low
keep it strong for so long, i couldn’t go wrong
but f-ckin’ with some n-gg-s knew some sh-t would go wrong
n-gg-s comin’ up short chop em’ down with the chopper
givin’ em’ all tones and one hand sole
n-gg- stop it, show me how you do it, how ya drop it
give my dogs a fat just to get it poppin’
got the dope and the scale and it ain’t hard to tell
hard bound but come around where the dogs dwell
when ya least expect it, you can die any second
n-gg- stop check it and dwell on it and respect it


[daz talkin]
yeah ain’t no where to run and ain’t no where to hide
ha ha (don’t die) so you might as well just go on and kill yourself
(when ya least expect it, ya gon’ die) ha ha ya know why (die, die)
n-gg- ha, ha (ya can’t run) yeah

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