tonight today - dave dee

Te rog, așteaptă...

everything flows in an endless stream
and if we close our eyes
like a vision or a dream

we’ll see this world in its myriade ways:
everything flows and every single minute
brings a change to the earth and to everybody in it –
watch a million lives playing out their days.

people at this very time
are making many things-that’s
that’s so:
but fools are in command.

in the desert rockets point
towards the stars: in sleazy bars
someone’s getting drunk and ugly:
on the city sidewalks hustlers
pick their prey: far away.
bodies bake on surfing beaches.

feel it all going
on-all this moment’s different strands of life:
we’re a part of it all

though we’re on our own and making love.

everything flows – nixon’s called a meeting:
there’s a m-ssive demonstration
and some kids are getting beaten up
in time to make tomorrow’s first editions:
there’s striptease shows

while at buckingham palace
they’re working out the seating plans for jackie and on-ssis
and in kalamazoo there’s two boys fishing.

people at this very time
are making many things-that’s
that’s so:
speeches and sailing-boats and scenes

while kids in faded jeans
sit cross-legged in the park:

in a roman night-club carlo
stuffs his mouth
further south
dino dines on left-out garbage:
in a jungle hospital
a mother sighs
baby cries
new arrival in the life-stream.

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