act iv.i - a howling hymn for aneon's awakening - darkside of innocence

Te rog, așteaptă...

what a tragedy it was
to contemplate aneon’s emergence
and then held it there, such a theatre of dismay

[character speech – laila:]
i hear the black crow of d-mnation howling
such a melodramatic melody of death
resurrection coming further within
leading our souls to an eternal rest
so mother
why have thou forsaken me?
mother… into his hands i truly commend my spirit…”

beholder of a malison miracle
that foresaw was by omega,
the spreading of all disguising spite
exploding hatred in dismal despise…

await thus for the whole enchanted planet
till it suddenly commences to spire, all alight
may his odium upon the gods, deceive laila
as she will condemn vália to total obliteration

[narration line:]
“thus… an eternal plague
of misery and despair, was mercilessly brought
oh… with thee maligned…
a trembled realm, the devil skewer has wrought”

a greater cause for darkness
to consume all light over
as she lingered enslaved
to serve an omnipresent demon

[narration line:]
“aneon’s the serpent tongue,
that embraced vália, in a macabre realm
carving then the heart of laila, so tightly
a lie, so careless to ensnare”

her shattered crafted heart,
did not take it and stepped for unpleasant laments
how laila dreaming black,
dreaming black…
dreaming black…
dreaming black…

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