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hallucinations - dark lotus

Te rog, așteaptă...


i went to bed next to her but she wouldn’t there
took off my hands all worse so i cut off all my hair
took a bath with no water ’cause it said it wouldn’t float
so here i sit in the tub all lathered in soap
when i sliped in when the sink started with the laughing
& the toilet was so pathetic like “ohh what happened?”
i can’t believe it because it can’t be real
hallucinations of a dream can’t determine how i feel

i see strange things with my 3rd eye
old dead betty stopped by to say hi
dead dear hand’s on the ledge “hey don’t pledge”
“deadly gas to the alley” is what they said
black tar drips from the ceiling & pills of paint
so i smashed head first from the wall for my escape
i ain’t seeing straight the wall was just a window
hallucinate the days blood pouring out the temple

(i’m seeing sh-t on the wall)
why don’t you go away
(things all over the floor)
where will i go tonight
(all up in the air)
why don’t you go away
(things all over the floor)
where will i go tonight

[violent j:]
i’m seeing sh-t crawl on the wall i slap myself
pictures melt down & drip off the shelf
shadows come along i close my eye’s & try to relax
sitting in my living room next to a nest
red beads are growing up out of my carpet
i try to leave the house but saw devil at target
i don’t know what’s real my head is sick & polluted
only thing left for me to do now is shoot it

your honor i swear i didn’t murder that man
i had to choke the demons i’ve seen living up inside of him
i don’t know what’s going on maybe the extension drug usage
no it can’t be, even as a youngster i see sh-t
swinging on devil’s dissapear leaving holes in wall’s
running together trap to burn down the garage
i’m beyond the verge of insanity i’ve lost my patience
i’m taking all this sh-t it really can’t be hallucinations


all i gotta’ do is remember that everything i’m seeing is a level of hallucinate
the devil got me bleeding from the brain again
as i remain the lock change the room sway’s the tail spin’s
windows speak in tongues, living in a gl-ss house
standing with my axe out
hoping that the fire touch it don’t burn
in a straight jacket for a week now when will i learn


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