versuri don't forget it - darion

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: trey songz]
keep going, ah keep going
keep coming, ah keep coming (4x)

[verse 1: darion]
uh, keep going, cause baby i want your love and
your love is like a drug, its so potent, its so
potent, and you know it, and baby i know its real
because all the emotions are there is how i really
feel, to keep it trill i was glad when you had my
back, when the feds came on and they found them saqs
but you a ride or die so you told them that, it was
yours and that i was just holding it, funny though
they still took us both to jail, it was h-ll and but
when we got our all of my despair went away cause i had
your care, i had you back in my arms once again, and
that was a scare to not have you with me, so don’t
forget that i can’t never not have you with me (ugh)

(chorus – trey songz)
keep going, ah keep going (4x)
don’t forget it, cause i’m with it
and you know it, ah baby you know it
keep coming, ah keep coming (4x)
don’t forget it, cause i’m with it
and you know it, ah baby you know it

[verse 2: darion]
baby i’m glad to have you because every time i
f-ck up you never catch an att-tude, that’s why
your my number one value, and as we smoking reaching
another alt-tude, i just set back and i just stare
at you, because i can’t believe that were back together
after all this time, its kind of amazing i have to adjust
my eyes, now that your right here in front of i, i’m
thankful that your mines, cause you deserve happiness, and
you worked so hard for it, and of my feelings, are real and
you know it, the feelings are euphoric, and so toxic, to the
point it almost makes me sick, but my love is uncontrollable
my love is all for you, no one else deserves your my number one
boo, your beautiful and that ain’t nothing new, s-x is just something
to do, when there’s nothing to do,it’s not an activity i need all
i need is you, and a blunt for us to blow together, the haziness
creates the best weather, and trust me it only get’s better, and
i love you baby and don’t you forget this little letter so


[verse 3: darion and trey songz]
ooh your love i need it, so just come over this weekend
and let me get you started, ah baby i love to get you
started, i know you want more, i know you want more
some come get it, ah baby let’s get it, trust it’s exciting
i’m not boring, like the guy you left right there for me, (ah)
he wasn’t real and i’m not for the bullsh-t, get with me
and start living, for the moment, ah for the moment, and it
would be best if i were the one who was chosen, uh just bring yourself
to me, i know got something that you need, and i got some trees
so lets smoke some weed, and lets start talking, about us and how you
want me…, and she’s knows it,ah baby you know it, do she know it
yes man she know it, so let’s get that real loving

(chorus) + (outro)

(eric b. & rakim sample plays)
don’t sweat the technique (4x)

- versuri darion

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