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well my name is paul fred
i like to life a lot of weights
i think that apple picking is a sure-shot “get laid” date
i treat life like it’s business
i got no time for your games
i had to buy a special sweat shirt
just to remember my name
(kick it in)
i can watch an episode of seinfeld
and not even hint a little laugh
i sleep ’till four in the morning
and then wake up and take a bath
well my housemates aren’t serious
it doesn’t take too much to get them p-ssed
but if i get a job in new york
well i’m sure that they’ll be missed
but now i just try to ignore them
because i’ve got my own demands
i’m 27 years old and i run a t-shirt stand
but now i want to get a real job
and i want to get one fast
i’m gonna go into that interview
and kick some f-cking -ss
(spoken) oh… why do i have to live with andre and crazy dan?
haa chaa chaa chaa chaa chaa…..
well my name is paul fred
but fred paul is alright
i cook frozen pizza by day
and i whip up omelets at night
i wear a towel around my waist
that doesn’t even cover my thighs
i close every single window
when the room is 80 degrees fahrenheit
someday i’ll escape this
someday i’ll see the light
i don’t want to kill my housemates
but someday i just might

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