god is - danielle rose

Te rog, așteaptă...

you want to know me? you want to see my face?
i do not age with time; i do not fit into a sp-ce
i transcend the capacity of your eye, so who am i?
it is the question of the moment;
it is the question for all time
i am you, and you are mine

i am the beginning and the end
i am the faith in your believing
i am the color of truth
i am the dreamer of your dreams
i am the falling in your love
i am the words of a prayer
i am the silence in the music
i am the music in the silence

i am your father; i am your mother
i am the man who cannot cry
i am the story in your eyes
i am the orphan of war
i am the leper begging on the corner
i am the black slave in chains
i am the muslim bride who cannot show her face
i’m the cross you carry again

i’m all you have forgotten
i am all that you have not been
i am in you – all of this in within you
let the journey begin, amen
i am in you, amen

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