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motivation (remix) - da brat

Te rog, așteaptă...

“motivation (remix)”
(feat. jermaine dupri, kelly rowland)

[jermaine dupri – echoing]
this is a, so so def, world premier
a world, premier
so so def, world premier

[kelly rowland]
go, go, go, go! [4x]

[da brat]
c’mere let me motivate you
to the point you can’t enunciate my name
i had you speakin in another language
not even a foreigner could interpretate
since you’ve been patient, we ain’t got to hesitate
i ain’t gon’ keep you waitin
wanna show my appreciation
got somethin sensational to set on yo’ plate
i got a pop bra, drop drawers, i took it all off
so once i bust lake michigan i can crawl on
i got a lot of thug in me – huh, it’s c-ckiness
now i got a lot of thug in me, with his c-ck in this
huggin me, tellin me he feelin like
he fin’ to fall in love with me
tellin me that i’m the one
and everything so right he wants to be stuck with me
my occupation is to motivate him
and cultivate his mind frame to my type frame
all through the night to the early
i’m a rider like i’ma n-gg- talkin dirty
but be ready to put work in

[chorus: kelly rowland]
but you can’t stop there
music still playin, in the background
no, and you’re almost there
you can do it i believe in you baby
so close from here

[kelly rowland]
baby i’ma be your motivation
go, go, go, go! motivation
go, go, go, go!

[da brat]
yeahhhh! y’all know what this is, yo
i know i got your curiosity wonderin
cause my swag so turned up
am i gon’ take control or be a little bit p-ssive
i’m very p-ssionate ’bout when i f-ck
face down, -ss up, satisfactory no matter what
main attraction when i’m makin love
all action, don’t yell and cuss
n-body with me never get bored
nominate me for a v award
best actress in the outdoors
on the matress or on the floors
in the ocean or on the sh-r-
my emotions make you want more
ye ain’t never had it like this befo’
so you can’t compare me to no previous hoe
i’m mo’ thirst quenchin than a jug of water
motivate ya wind ya ’til it’s out of order
you’ll want more than a friendship when it’s over
cause i don’t just ride or die, i’m a soldier
“stand by me,” sam cooke
my whole army leave a man shook
but i ain’t really lookin for no kind of relations
if you need me doe, i can be your motivation


[kelly rowland]
whoa lover! when you call my name
no other! can do that the same, no
i won’t let ya, get up out that game no
so go on lover, go on and make me rain
and when we’re done, i don’t wanna feel my… legs
and when we’re done, i just wanna feel your hands all over me baby


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