versuri 0 to 100 remix - d-cal

Te rog, așteaptă...

i can make a dollar stretch like a plastic bag
never leave it to chance, though i bang that acid rap
you been talking but you never check for ears on the walls
the game gone f-ck you dawg
you might as well tear off your draws
yall n-ggas sideways
they said my flow is so illegal homie crime pays
i’m hungry like a n-gga hasn’t ate in nine days
young and driven but you trippin so we slump you in your driveway
man i hear scream from porch and we gone come to your yard
i’m a different type of n-gga i’m the sergeant in charge
and when it comes to talking females my involvement is large
cause i ain’t have to go college just to study a broad
closed mouths don’t get fed
that explains why i’m always speaking
got a coffin for you cowards
body bags for the weekend
drop so many records they speculating that someone leaked it
just bringing grief to n-ggas that’s contemplating competing
i’m on a roll like quadriplegics- paraplegics
scared of the beating
you tryna eat but it’s not your season
ain’t no reason that you be seathen
i’m just something to believe in
i call shots fore they’re made
rap game gilbert arenas

baltimore dm
whip the v6
did it by myself
i can say i don’t need sh-t
remember when survived off kool aid and wheat thins
now we eating ain’t no way in the world i could be thin
we splurge on the weekends- well not really doe
still recording tracks in my room cause lowkey i’m really broke
ever wonder why you think my songs ain’t got no videos
cause i ain’t got sh-t to show
you want me stunt and i clearly won’t
i do it for my folks
rapping till i’m sweating like i did it for my coach
blow a clove down and start sh-tting out my quotes
i’m clearly in my zone
they said i couldn’t do this
but now they like he did that
told em they gone miss this
ask em if they miss that
looking for a dime piece
used to date a kick back
me? i’m a live catch
d-mn that’s a miss match
i ain’t f-cking with your b-tch-ss
one day i know ima slip past
you gone be like hey how you doin with your rich -ss
i’ma be like woah swerve you can kiss that
how’s life treating you? baby you still in the trap?
i shine when i move
brightest n-gga in room no diamonds or jewels
i swear some of these cats man they dying to lose
entering the race before you tying your shoes
that’s why you crying and bruised
shoes so fly they calling em propellers
giving rappers blues like a bottle of propel is
and the propellers propel us
i’m failure repellent
you know the truth
you see i’m ill
but you?
you don’t wanna tell it
i ain’t mad at you

walk through this life of mine
no anesthetic
i ain’t letting nothing go
until it’s time to dead it
they won’t give me my credit
so i’ma charge it to debit
shock these haters
they feeling sick enough for a medic

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