twenty-one - corey smith

Te rog, așteaptă...

when i was only seventeen, couldn’t wait for twenty one
i’d hang around on clayton street in the bars there gettin’ drunk
a baseball cap and a fake id would get me in the clubs
then i would dance with the college girls and lie about who i was
i’d say “i’m pre-med. here at uga, live on milledge avenue.
i was raised over in buckhead, i drive a bmw.”

i was breakin’ hearts and takin’ names and numbers just for fun.
stealin’ kisses wishin’ i was twenty one.

when thursdays came and pocket change would quickly disappear
upstairs at lowry’s tavern, we’d pay a nickel for every beer
shootin’ pool, smokin’ cigarettes with a dizzy head and a grin
four am on a school night, still hangin’ out with my friends
one hour’s sleep on a dirty couch, no shower, off to school
smellin’ just like a brewery with a bad hangover too

the teachers all would h-ssle me: “stay awake, pay attention”
i was catchin’ h-ll, wishin’ i was twenty one.

the youngest one of all my friends, i didn’t act my age
too cool for the football games and the homecoming parades

now i look back and i have to smile, cause boy it was fun
bein’ seventeen, wishin’ i was twenty one

now i’m only twenty six, feelin’ more like fourty three
my hairline’s disappearing, and i never get id’d
my clothes are out of fashion, no i’m not cool anymore
in the bed by ten o’clock each night, and up at half-past four
still i go down to that college town when the bulldogs play at home
i drink keg beer from a trash can til the whole d-mn thing is gone

then i look at all those college girls so innocent and young
and i just check ’em out, and say “d-mn… i wish i was twenty one”

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