far beyond - conquest

Te rog, așteaptă...

i left alone among the thousand trees.
the full moon shines as the eyes of night.
under the stars i feel i’m really free.
i wanna fly to this silver light.
i left my home so far behind
the place i cannot ever find.

no! there’s no return,
all the bridges burnt.
i will not live my life in vain.
play day after day,
walking my own way.
maybe i’ll find my home again
far beyond.

i have to go along the hundred roads,
the unknown places are calling me.
don’t ever stay, just live for future day
and walk your way to infinity.
no matter what is left behind,
your life is only what you find.

don’t ever stop before you die
this is your life, you have to try!

- versuri conquest

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