the land of shining shields - confligo

Te rog, așteaptă...

whisper in the winds
of a winter lonyless
then i turn my eyes and see

the land of mighty lords,
the land of ancient gods
there a millenary seed relive

trough the whirling snow
and from the deepest caves
the mighty ancestor voice proclame:

“follow me,
in the land of shining shields,
follow me,
in the land of ancient memories;
follow me,
across the lost empire,
follow me,
no longer you can hide”

no longer i can hide,
no longer i can wait,
the flame of evkluì now burn

like many night before
the shadow of a pale moon
show me the hidden sacred path

the howl of thousand wolves
is rising from the deep
across the frozen woods is calling me

“shining moon embrace my soul
because tonight i received the call
i bring the signs of chosen one
i lead in the story the name of my clan”

- versuri confligo

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