avatar state - comeback/!/music

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: kid shokora]
its dinnertime with the knights at the round table
my brother says he spits cane and i am so able

to bring the game back no warranty
hip hop’s full of zombies the game needs a quarantine

i am so obscene spitting these rude flows
they don’t like us they just kiss up like hang gliding mistletoes

kid shokora
h-llo mr officer
its an emergency i need you to see this kid he is so awesome sah

i think he runs a team
that has never been seen
even though they’re awake they still live the dream

[bridge: kid shokora]
kid raven

kid endo

kid cl-ssic

kid frost

kid sequel

we are skywalkers

[verse 2: kid shokora]
i am on a journey
k!lled the track it needs a gurney
go to court and plead the case i get away with no attorney

i am awesome but i want it all
i am off the hook but i never miss a call

there’s an elephant in the room and he’s setting up mouse traps
i am still up while you p-ssies taking cat naps

no fire no water we are team boomerang
cos we’re bringing it back the game will never be the same

we are comeback music

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