the suffering - cianide

Te rog, așteaptă...

twisting your life
through sorrows of sin.
fighting this h-ll
in which we live in.

think of the past,
things you have done.
look to the future
in which you have none.

pain in your mind,
receiving your death,
planning a way
a sickening end.

what has been done
to cause such a state?
a man with no heart,
no love only hate.

and then you die.
self destruction.
end to it all.

disgusted with man,
the world he creates.
the future is certain,
for blood i will take.

using my hands,
instruments of death,
gouging all flesh,
nothing to spare.

life in this race
why should i care?
slash my own wrists,
do i dare?

this is the path,
more lives i will take.
and then my own life.


genocide, cannot have,
i will take who i can,
one by one, maybe more,
rid this world, human sc-m.

why do i feel this way?
should i feel remorse?
is this my only path i’ll take?
my only course?

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