versuri 0420 (r.i.p black the ripper) - chip

Te rog, așteaptă...

hey mate
pull your trousers up, your -rs-hole’s hangin’ out man
(fire is 187)
gotta light one to this
uh, listen

look, i seen og rappers turn to online chatters
look if chippy does retire bet he’s goin’ out snappin’
i’ve been sittin’ thinkin’ life, death and survival
they on the other of thirty-five and still tryna be viral
got the message that my uncle died
couple hours later, ashley at my door knockin’, opened up said “black the ripper died”
good friday just around the corner, this is not a vibe
i can’t lie, i probably need a hug, but it’s corona times
the mandem is number three in the charts
everyone congratulatin’ but i’m numb as a rass
i was damagin’ my lungs before this virus darg
but black said “light it” when he died, that’s why i’m bunning it darg
got fourteen grams in the jar, i put like two in the zoot
i know millionaires who started from a two and a cue
shotters who don’t touch buj just ‘cah they seen what it do
but i got nothin’ against shotters, fam i still buy foods
so listen good, i tell n-ggas miss chip with all that real n-gga sh-t
when everyone’s got different definitions of what real is, uh
don’t keep no jewels in your house, i’m just droppin’ gems
i’m paranoid but grew up in the ends where n-ggas rob they friends
you’re bad or only bad for who you bad for
’cause that’s all i see with these n-ggas, so f-ck the rap wars
look around and i see sheep, lambs for slaughter
i’m tryna read more, have less s-x and drink water
our father, whom heart for [?] [1min18sec]
torn between seein’ a therapist or a pastor
think about it, heaven or h-ll, what would you rather?
i’ve lost friends i still hope to see in this life after
give a f-ck about a b-tch, booty poppin’ for the ‘gram
i’m at home plottin’, load it, shoot it, pop it with a plan, uh
girls tellin’ me that i need sleep, i be like thanks, the irony
tell me have you heard insomnia? it bangs
they can hate me but can never say my heart isn’t clean
when bugzy came off his bike, i closed my hands on my knees and prayed for him
that lord stay with him, i came off a bike too, in mad ways relate to him
half the industry grudgeful, me i’m out here grudgeless
i’ve had war behind the scenes, and i threw stones in public
times i felt down and out like, “why does everybody hate chip?”
i wouldn’t change sh-t, cah now i know who everybody is, uh
see they were movin’ funny then they wanna bill it, nah
that’s the type of sh-t that make me wish that black was still around
thinking ’bout we was out in trini eatin’ soursop
i turned the lemons into lemonade but this is sour akh
mixtapes sellin’ north side, reppin’ worldwide
step in battle emcees, i batter a beat
the baton back up in my hand but i been battlin’ grief
that is the reaper round the corner, i don’t wanna go to sleep, nah
london boy, i told them the boy, rappers and therapy
i keep a pen to k!ll off my paigons and clear my energies
try acupuncture, try reiki, try, blud
when the pains this deep inside, there ain’t no remedies
black passed on the fourth month in the twentieth year of this millenium
it’s spiritual, i’m tellin’ you
i feel like 4/20 won’t ever be the same for me as long as i’m alive, when i light it, i’ll remember him
the lord is my shepherd
no sword, no weapon
not formed, shall prosper
in this course, ancestors enforce
had me luke skywalk
lightsaber for a pen, obi-wan or darth maul
tatted the word “pain” because i’m stuck with it
black told me “stick it”, i stuck at it
rhythm and the reason, i’m bunnin’ it
i see online they bringin’ my flowers, now of course
if i could book a flight and leave tonight, i swear i’d bring to yours
rest in peace my bro

cash motto, dank of england, 4l
see i know what a real friend is, someone that has your back right or wrong
highs or lows
trust me man, when certain men were movin’ funny, black never ever switched up on me
rest in peace my bro

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