leave wit me - chingy

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. r kelly)

[chorus: (r kelly)]
baby don’t you wanna leave this v.i.p and finish off this party in my hotel suite
girl just follow me because i got room keys s-x, red bull, velvi we be like the…[15x’s]

[verse 1 (chingy)]
i pulled on the lot and then i fell up in the spot st. louis hat c-cked tryna
find something hot drink in my hand hundreds in my pocket i don’t care (care) if he’s your man
understand i’m your profit it’s 2:39 we should leave by 3 we can stroll around or go get something to eat
outside i gotta fly drop you hungry round your girls up and we all can go to ihop you probably think
i’m tryna cut maybe you’re right you don’t do one night stands well baby tonight i gotta presidential
suite at the ritz everything with me ain’t that a shhh…


[verse 2 (chingy)]
you’re acting like you don’t hear me come hear me quit faking and take a puff of this green
from jamaica just bought a new yacht with 4 rooms and a bar no you’re not that use to being around a
hood star but papa told me good girls always go bad so if i touch right thurr ain’t no need to
get mad i could take you from the crib to paradise most of my chicks i like me thick plus naughty
and nice the way you sweep me off my feet you should be a broom the way you smell you should have your
own perfume so knock knock who’s thurr jackpot the pimp ?? do it tickle when i lick
your neck better get you wet looking at your s-xy -ss make wanna write a check


[bridge (r kelly)]
now hold on the way you pit it on me now hold on i love the way you shake it now hold
on you drop it then you pick it up now hold on girl you got me saying what the

[chorus out]

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