ric flvir - ceaser

Te rog, așteaptă...

motorola mobile disposable to hit the fiends up
tell em n-ggas inventorys open time to lean up
product in my left hand, a fist in my right my..
third eye open never catch me slippin in my right mind
‘less im sippin nighttime nyquil with red cups
black shades terminator p-ssy with her legs up
im just trynna keep my bed tucked
brother workin 7 days a week to keep the rent up
im just trynna keep the checks up
other brother trusted others when he slanged thats were he effed up
and im drinking to get through it all
exploring inside pamela dosed up on adderals
xannies for the next day, prometh from the after
reenact a p-rn then i go ghost like im casper
everyday my soul leaving me
eating senzu beans just to relive me of my evils deeds
drinkin purple demon lean f-ck you and your dingy weed
always wear a rubber cause i ain’t trynna spread my evil seed
see momma sick and daddy ain’t around
but not cause he ran out he makin guap across town
he hustlin for money im beggin for scr-ps now
im layin the smackdown on the f-ckboys that step to me
i walk up up into trap
ask rah where the gat
he tellin me where it at
in the back in the knapsack
but remember that thats that
sell ya soul thats a rap
ain’t easy to get it back
when u come up in the trap like..

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