crusader - catharsis

Te rog, așteaptă...

[mission / pushkina]

each of us will find
his own way to h-ll and heaven in his life
but remember that we have two different ways –
one of dreams and one that leads us through the days
filled with empty fuss

[bridge i]
but if you dare just ones
span bridge as straight as a lance
over wild waters of life
you’ll merge into one both your ways forever…

[chorus i]
wind sings in your ears
drying unwanted tears,
will and love and freedom –
crusader of holy light!

each of us will find
his own way to warmth and ashes cold as night
don’t you ever think of any thing as slight –
devil’s feeding on the smallest of your frights –
in hope to rip your life!

[bridge ii]
hesitate for a wink –
your fiery arrow will miss
and the evil will melt both your lives
into meaningless nothing!

[chorus ii]
if you cease to walk blind
your lives and reasons and will
will grow with the holy light –
you’re getting used to the life of crusader.

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