dawn of the chosen world - catamenia

Te rog, așteaptă...

am i the chosen one
king of the darkest thrones
blessed with demons blood
which makes my way through the christian flood.

am i the poisoned one
from the bite of serpent`s crown
marked with seventh fire
which makes my way to desire.

bury the sun into eternity
that dark shall come upon
hail the future for chosens
in the world of endless coldness.

am i the seduced one
by the mistress of the night
l-sting for bloodpath
take my arms and cut the veins with wrath.

bury the sun into eternity…

i am the chosen one…
i am the poisoned one…
i am the seduced one…
with these aspects, i take the control to this world…

bury the sun into eternity…

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