versuri 08 something else (rough draft) - c-$tacks & d-money

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1: c-$tacks]
y’all know who i am, b-tch i ain’t no john doe
big baller mothaf-cka, you can call me lonzo
people staring at me and i’m like “sh-t what you want tho”
i ain’t your average rapper, but i’m bout to drop a bomb yo
bout to k!ll the song tho, hearing this it’s over
swerving in your lane and there ain’t n0body doper
just another smoker, light that sh-t up
pass that sh-t to me so i can write this sh-t up
and i’m ashing with this gas, and then i’m off to write a verse
preaching to the masses oh just how i put in work
and i’m laxing in my camry, still the freshest on this earth (skrrtt)
oh tell me why you laughing when you driving in a he-rs-?
how you gonna hate it when we from the same turf?
don’t be mad cause i be chilling when you’re on your way to work
get ya money, go beserk, i be controversial
man that’s to easy, freak your style with no rehearsal
and my flow is astronomical, you nice as me that’s comical
i’m jiving with my turkey’s and my drink is tasting tropical
the team yeah we unstoppable, i’m romping on these obstacles
and it ain’t optional, oh the kid he’s just phenomenal
hear my problems yo, all this sh-t i’m seeing in the game
talking bout, all these wannabe hims, man that’s f-cking lame
i’m just tryna chill, do my thing, smoke my weed
i got m’s in my bank account, like, yes indeed
it’s the dash, the digi, my schedule ain’t busy
you can slide thru, i can sneak you through the chimney
they like who the f-ck is he? but they know that they feel me
and if my mom hears this sh-t man i think she might k!ll me
okay $tacks but on the real g, how you know this sh-t gon work out
i don’t know man, i just do it, my rhymes will never burn out
so let’s battle, getcha words out and i’ll show you how it’s done
i’m the mothaf-cking k!lla man, i always been the one
[interlude: littlefinger]
it’s flattering really, you feeling such dread at the prospect of me getting what i want. it doesn’t matter what we want, once we get it, then we want something else

[verse 2: d-money]
i gotta chest full of the best from the midwest
i invest a little time before my goddam death
i smoke purple every breath, what did you expect?
i gotta puff it like a train so i can cope with the stress
my name is d e r e k
so f-ck em when they say that i can’t rap about the game
i do this everyday, mothaf-cka i’m lifted
got a couple xannies in my system, kid is drifting
we clueless students sipping juice and other various fluids
and they tell me i shouldn’t do it i’m sick of stupid excuses
here to stay, get used to it, pig’s fly when my crew is losing
i skrt up in that fusion, you know them women start choosing
country club living, but i listen to that hip hop
nastier than pimples you gon love it when this sh-t pop
game is on the line and you know i be making big shots
but i just don’t worry bout too much, cause my sh-t hot
so i’m gonna sit back, while it fall into place
i don’t f-ck with cliquey mothaf-ckas cause they two-face
don’t tie knots with women cause i ain’t a f-cking shoelace
keeping this sh-t underground like my name is hussein
i putting gashes in this beat, my knife is bl–dy
i f-ck around with rap just like an egg of silly puddy
you girl keep acting sl-tty, don’t forget you ain’t my buddy
i forgot about last night, my memory’s a little fuzzy
but wait, wait, wait, this is catastrophe
i got two mad women coming after me
i point the finger, but the finger pointing back at me
i cover up that sh-t with lies and call it blasphemy
i need a pastor plea, where is my savior?
one of these days you gonna see me in the papers
imma get a label, you won’t know what to say
other than sh-t i was hating that kid the other day, uh

- versuri c tacks d money

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