0 to 100/the catch up freemix - c-note(yi$mb)

Te rog, așteaptă...

the $oljaz still the best you know that we next
you sitting in my spot but i called seat check
they tried to say i’m trash and they tired to call me out but it didn’t come thru like they on reject
n-ggas still talkin sh-t like i won’t body them
these n-ggas dont want no beef cause i’m a slaughter them
sonning these orphans imma father them
scout them boys out like its summer camp
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, whole squad on that drill sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
we them ice $oljaz but f-ck being on that chill sh-t
0 to 100 like im in a ferrari,maserati
burning sh-t up but i ain’t f-ckin up the o-zone
eating rappers they edilble
medical, smoking on that i’m incredible
the coldest n-gga ever i’m frozone
most likely these n-ggas don’t like me as it might seem
but i’m getting cold money, ice cream, i’m coldstone
they dont got the t-st-cl-s, get to the point like decimals
they vegetables put em on them pagers, old phones
oh lord
i told them n-ggas not to sleep on me
them n-ggas really started counting sheep on me
came from the bottom to the top now n-ggas sour cause they thought that everything was sweet homie
oh man, i’m conan, i’m dope man
dont choke man, hang these n-ggas up like coat stands
im chilidish, yall some kids im jokin, yo momma fat she need two names, roseanne
oh sh-t
yall n-ggas really on that hoe sh-t
yo hoe give me brain like she don’t know sh-t
yall n-ggas still spittin old sh-t
tellin tales from the heart, that edgar allen poe sh-t
pullin up ready to get even, this my purge
this elbow put you out for the season, goodbye serge
this may be world peace if you actin hard and all
throw a bullet and them wide receivers gonna catch the ball like
catch the ball, catch em all at the mall
they running shocked like they doing track in awe
track em all, at em all
and i still wish a n-gga would like i found the last dragon ball
im on my grind a n-gga bout to hit a heel flip
black boy ballin on my lil bill sh-t
put u christians in a cage, hit you with the unprettier
i’m a find a spear and pull the f-ckin k!llswitch
i go to 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, smb on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, ice $oljaz on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, bbm on that real sh-t
0 to 100, hold up i’m goin 300
rise of an empire, aroo spartan drill sh-t
yall disqualified like yall hit a low blow
syrup on the ice like a snow cone
disarm you so you ain’t got no hold
then put this arm around yo neck like a chokehold n-gga

whole squad on that real sh-t
whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 real quick, yeah

there used to be a point where everbody to kept it real
i guess its a new age with a different feel
everybody walkin around gotta keep the steel
makin sure we eatin my team will never miss a meal
n-ggas about that action, n-gga its do or die
need to k!ll yaself commit a m-ss.suicide
ain’t nothing between you and i
i ain’t tracy mcgrady cause yall n-ggas ain’t movin i
to the left to the left, n-gga im moving right
i see the bigger picture like its movie night
i got every reason to say i’m the best now
and n-ggas talkin sh-t but scared to say it with they chest out
n-ggas sayin that the team stoppin
n-gga we got 2014 popping, a$$hole, and forever chicago n-gga the whole team droppin
ain’t n0body f-ckin with them $oljaz n-gga
n0body f-ckin with smb either
i am yo father no maury polvich n-gga
the best singer after ray charles i can’t see n-ggas
that was one of my childish moments
but im back in the game, one more foul im in the bonus
now im shootin free throws with the game on the line
i missed one grabbed the rebound now im callin the time
now we discussin who takin the shot
meanwhile im lookin up at the time on the clock
im bout to explain to coach how much time that we got
they all said c-note you shootin whether u make it or not
deezy inbound it to plug, then plug p-ss it to star
and star p-ss it back to deezy and im like look at the top
they give the ball back to plug then plug call my name
he dime me and i hit the shot that won us the game, the catch up

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