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any gal - busy signal

Te rog, așteaptă...

some gyal sen on quick
some gyal tek likkle longa
but it quicka wen a alcohol dem unda
so wah?

gyal no botha flex mean with di front
still a go beg you everyday a di month
sen it on baby

any gyal mi waan [x2]
mi a step out and draft har
cause mi must get the sittin weh mi ask fa
one day
any gyal mi waan [x2]
mi a step out and draft har
cause mi well wan di bouf she a fi offer

you see

we stick to gyal like tattoo
get more p-ssy dan panty
no watch gyal weh hype an show off pon we
cah weneva we coil pop out
she prefer back it up she nah back down

some gyal mean like star apple an a flex like minge {cane?}
wen mi drive up inna mi new rover range
everyting rearrange
dem iin see it like nuttin strange
she a gyal she a go change


me nah say every girl is materialistic
but different type a gyal wid different characteristic
check dis gyal inna di district
she say “you busy? yuh money caan trick mih dis trip!”
gyal beat har chest an seh she doh waan no artist
neva know seh mi ah di smartest
she rate badman
so mi draw down di cap inna mih face, put on mi gl-sses, get har di fastest


seh just one a mih friends cah she celibate
so mih talk to her soft and delicate
tek har to mih place just fi reason
rainy season
di amount of slam (name) get she doh waan lef
she no ready yet
get dem gyal ya as mi wink, easily
dem girls dey be pleasing me
(top notch)
me sharper dan ja top student!

[chorus x2]

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